Welcome to My Website!

Let me ask you something: What excites you? What fascinates you? From where do you draw inspiration?

In my case it is psychotherapy. As early as in my twenties, when I was a philosophy student at the University of Vienna with a keen interest in psychoanalysis, I felt that the professional dialog and compassion that are cornerstones of psychotherapy hold a great power—a power that patients can use to experience new things, to develop, and grow in a safe setting.

This safe setting is based on unconditional acceptance: when you undergo psychotherapy, you are allowed to be who you are. This may sound self-evident, but in everyday life people usually have various interests directed at you—for example, they want you to act a certain way, do or don’t do something, or to subscribe to a certain worldview. In psychotherapy, these very expectations fall away. This allows you to experience what is really going on inside you and share your inner state with the therapist.

I have lived in different countries and have had the opportunity to experience many cultures. And yet, it is still the inner worlds that fascinate me the most: the worlds in which we live and within which each of us follows their own path. Sometimes, as we follow our own path, we encounter an impasse. At other times, we feel the burden we carry is just too heavy to shoulder on our own. These are the kinds of situations when psychotherapy can help.

In the fall of 2020, I have begun my training to become a psychotherapist. Currently, I can’t offer you therapy yet, but I expect to make good progress with my studies and to open my practice in Linz in spring 2024. As a special feature, I plan to offer psychotherapy in English as well, since I lived in the USA for a long time, worked in international companies for many years, and speak the English language almost on a native speaker level. I am already very much looking forward to all this—and should you be interested in psychotherapy starting probably in spring 2024, I will be happy to welcome you.